I've been into to definitions lately and the one I looked up today was Achieve. So what does it mean? It means to reach or attain (a desired objective, level, or result) by effort, skill, or courage. Another definition is to accomplish or bring about.

I for the longest time was a skinny non-athletic young man and I made a decision on April 17th 2012 to get in shape. I wanted to gain weight and feel better about myself, which can be incredibly hard to do. I'll tell you after my first week of working out I was sore and ready to give up. With some encouragement from my awesome trainer and the drive to accomplish my goals I'm still going strong after 5 months. I've gained 15lbs and feel better than I've ever felt.

There's no day but today and if your ready to make a change in your life then get after it. I'll check in a few months from now and see where I'm at, I can tell that nothing happens overnight but hard work pays off. For more information on Achieve Health and Fitness click here or call 509-406-6030.