Lesson learned yesterday: Do not drop a 10-pound metal weight from bench press height on the top of your foot.

It happened during my workout class. I was taking off some of the bigger weights and the smaller 10-pound weight had the clip against it. As I pulled off the bigger weight I didn't see the smaller metal weight. It came off and hit the top of my foot.

It was extremely painful! I tried to continue my workout, but I started to feel nauseous.

The trainer, Josh, had me sit down and remove my shoe, so he could take a look at my foot. It was swelling and turning black and blue. One of the employees, Chris, who happened to be taking the class, grabbed some ice and orange juice for me.

Luckily, it was my left foot, so I was able to drive myself home after Josh and another guy from class, Doug, helped me up and down stairs to get to my car.

Amber, who is a regular in the workout classes with me, suggested I go to Orthopedics Northwest to get an X-ray. She mentioned that they have an after-hours urgent care clinic.

I called Orthopedics Northwest and just my luck ... the urgent care clinic was closed due to an open house.

But Helen, a patient coordinator, was able to slip me in during the day. She was so helpful and nice.

After some X-rays Dr. McSteamy -- sorry, I mean Dr. Phillips -- told me that nothing was broken or fractured.

Michele Mathews

He offered me a walking boot, but I declined since it's not very stylish and it would have kept my foot flat, which hurts worse.

He prescribed some painkillers to help me sleep, ice to control swelling, then elevating and staying off of it for a day or so. He also mentioned that if it still hasn't gotten any better after a week to come back in because sometimes fractures don't show up right away.

Ever injured yourself doing something odd like this?