If you’ve ever wanted to lose all your friends, here are 10 good ways to get started. Basically, they all come down to being selfish or inconsiderate. You might not even be aware that you are committing some of these social crimes.

1. Wasting other people’s time. Also known as constantly being LATE. Be on time unless you have a legitimate reason to be late. Try to show up early and show that you care.

2. Ignoring the people below you. Whether it’s because of your ability, your level in the organization or your job title, make sure you are always friendly to everyone. You set the tone for your company or department and your people pay attention to you and how you treat them.

3. Asking for too many favors. Don't be the person who is always asking for something.

4. Always being “on.” It’s fine to be funny, witty, or the life of the party. But if you NEVER dial it back, it’s annoying. I know, I used to be that guy.

5. Humblebragging. That’s when you say something that SOUNDS humble, but you’re really just trying to show off. Everybody sees through it, and everybody hates it. Just be real, you don't need to impress anybody anyway.

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