A letter addressed to the Parents and Members of the Yakima National Little League (YNLL) was posted to social media earlier this week.  The letter informed of an incident in which $5,000 was ultimately stolen from a bank account belonging to YNLL.  According to the letter "... we found that the account had been drained and left with almost nothing.  We began to suspect that one of our own board members had taken the funds".

The letter goes on to say that YNLL has taken immediate action to remove the individual.  They have also taken steps to prevent an incident like this from happening in the future.  Check out the full letter here.

So now the task begins of replenishing the money stolen.  Yakima National Little League is hosting a "Parents Night Out Spaghetti Dinner".  This will be a night of food, drinks, raffles and dancing.  This is an 18 or older event.  Cost is $10 and is being held at VFW Post 379, 118 S 5th Ave, Yakima, WA 98901.  More info here.  Check out the YNLL Facebook page here.


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