With the increase of technology and apps, I feel like the art of dating has been lost. I have so many friends who are in and out of the dating game, and it seems that dating has become so ... casual. So should we bring back some of these dating rules?

  1. Try asking someone on a real date, none of this "wanna hang out?" nonsense. How about a simple "Would you like to go to dinner?"
  2. Be chivalrous. Call her when you say you are going to call her, text her to make sure she got home. And for goodness sakes, listen while she talks.
  3. Plain and simple ... don't jump into bed on the first date. Let the tension build up.
  4. Don't just text her. Pick up the phone and hit the green phone button. It's called calling someone.
  5. Dress up for your date. When you are taking a woman out, be proud -- look proud.
  6. Unless you are seriously interested, do not introduce her to your friends. It really gives the wrong impression.
  7. And lastly, instead of sitting on your phone to fill awkward silences, try asking questions to fill the silence. Get to know each other.

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