What comes to mind when you hear "history lesson"? Probably flashbacks of your high-school teacher rambling on and you emotionless at your desk. Well, what if I told you-you can get a history lesson outside of the classroom that will allow you to learn more about your community and the people that have paved the way for our life today.

Check this out! Ellen Allmendinger is part of the Downtown Yakima History & Mystery Guided Walking Tours. According to KIMA, these tours take you around downtown Yakima and the Tahoma Cemetery and give you information about different wars, the historic people laid to rest at the cemetery and the stories about businesses and building in downtown Yakima.

The tours will run for several weeks, with the cemetery tour beginning on June 19, and the downtown tour June 23. For more details on how to get in on one of the tours, check out their Facebook page HERE. 

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