Does your middle/high-schooler ever come home and talk to you about some "behavior" that is concerning to them but don't want to say anything to teachers because they don't want to be seen as a "snitch" or "tattle-tale." Well, believe it or not, there's an app for that. According to KIMA, students at Ellensburg High School and Morgan Middle School can now anonymously report something they feel should be investigated by their teachers and administrators.

The app is called "STOPit," and when students download it onto their phones, they're given a code to log in as either a high school or middle school student. Once they're on the app, they can report an incident or suspicious behavior using two-way text messaging, they can submit photos or videos and the app is even available in multiple languages.

Ellensburg High School Vice Principal Neil Musser told KIMA that, so far, their office has received about 15 reports. Of those 15, however, 4/5 of them have been false. One message from a student said, ‘I hate ketchup on my hamburger." Ok, let's remember these are kids here, but administrators are reminding them that this is a serious application, and if they continue to report false incidents (or send "funny middle-school aged jokes) their account will be disabled.

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