Many ag groups praised the dietary guidelines released last Thursday for following the science, as requested by the groups and Congress. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association said the guidelines reaffirm the role of lean beef in a healthy diet and confirm that Americans are, on average, consuming lean meat in daily amounts that are consistent with the recommendations for protein foods. In an emailed statement, United Fresh said the guidelines “strongly recommends that all Americans significantly increase their consumption of vegetables and fruit to improve their health.” The guidelines encourage Americans to adopt a series of science-based recommendations to improve how they eat to reduce obesity and prevent chronic diseases.

Following the outbreak of several illnesses, the popular Mexican restaurant chain Chipotle was served a federal subpoena and is under a criminal investigation. The subpoena was served last month in response to an August outbreak of norovirus at one of the chain’s California locations. The outbreak was just one of several impacting Chipotle restaurants in 2015. Hundreds of people were sickened by E Coli or norovirus in multiple outbreaks reported from coast to coast.

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