Say it ain't so! Or do you even care? It seems that a lot of people don't. It's not good for business if no one cares, and the proof is in the puddin' -- um, guacamole. Chipotle in Yakima is reportedly closing down on Thursday (July 26).

Chipotle has had a tough time recovering after the E Coli outbreak a couple of years ago. They've tried debuting new food items like nachos, and they even changed the recipe on their queso to no avail. No one cared.

Well I guess I can't say NO ONE cares about Chipotle closing down. This guy on Twitter, who lives in Yakima, enjoys Chipotle two or three times a week as a part of his diet and has lost 123 pounds!

R.I.P., Chipotle Yakima. So what restaurant SHOULD open in the soon-to-be-vacated Chipotle location?

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