Yakima had a Chipotle Mexican Grill... once. It didn't last too long, closing in 2018. It was a sad day for many as so many in town were a fan of Chipotle and their menu selections and fast, casual experience at their restaurant. Fans have been wanting it to return and, as it turns out, that's exactly what looks like will happen.

Now, this is still unconfirmed but Hogback Development Company are terrible at keeping secrets. This is good news for us. Though they didn't confirm or say the words 'Chipotle is returning to Yakima' they did post a dead giveaway on their Facebook.

I mean, c'mon. How obvious can you get? Everyone in the comments is also saying it's Chipotle. This is, however, a new location for Chipotle Mexican Grill as this will be on 24th and Nob Hill at Rainier Square. Looking forward to welcoming them back to Yakima.

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