Syngenta is inching closer to announcing a $43 billion takeover agreement with ChemChina. ChemChina reportedly offered a sweeter deal to Syngenta than Monsanto, by offering the $43 billion in cash. Monsanto offered a similar $43 billion takeover in August, but the proposal included cash and a portion of its own shares. Syngenta rejected Monsanto’s repeated attempt at the displeasure of Syngenta’s shareholders. However, perhaps now, the strategy paid off.

The Centers for Disease Control says the E. coli outbreaks that plagued Chipotle restaurants appear over, but investigators were unable to identify a specific food or ingredient linked to the illness. Evidence collected by investigators suggested that a common meal item or ingredient served at Chipotle restaurants was the likely culprit. Yet, advanced testing did not identify any E. coli and a review of distribution records proved unable to identify a single food item or ingredient that could explain either of the outbreaks.

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