I'm new to this whole football thing and didn't really believe the hype about how nobody really likes the Seahawks.

I've heard that Pete Carrol is a new type of coach or from some people he's too soft. He provides a positive and supportive environment for his players. As coach he's not afraid to get in the trenches with his players and throw around the football. He doesn't start freaking out throwing a temper tantrum on the side lines if a call goes the other team's way. He's definitely not happy about it, but doesn't make an utter fool of himself! Something that I find very refreshing and very important since I have kids watching. Teaching my kids good sportsmanship is sometimes a battle in the world of sports. Between parents who think that their kindergartener is destined to be a pro player who screams and yells at the ref's, coaches, and other players. To the coaches and players they see on TV throwing fits and acting like 2 year olds.

I don't think these things are the reason America hates the Seahawks. I think it's more because we don't have a rival in our backyard. Our Seattle teams have to travel the farthest to get to the nearest rival.

All of that really doesn't seem to matter since we have the 12th man, so America can keep on hating us!

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