Gunner and I are all about popping in and seeing fans of the Morning Bull Pen, so when I found out that an East Valley teacher was a big fan of the show-- we couldn't help but head out to say hi on her birthday!

This teacher isn't just a listener and a teacher out in East Valley, she was a major part of my older brother's high school career. In East Valley they have what is called a connections class -- students work with one teacher every day for all four years of high school. Your connections teacher keeps you on track for graduation, therefore you tend to create a bond with your connections teacher that you don't have with your other teachers. This was the case for my brother and Mrs. Heilman.

So while I was at my class reunion conversing with an old classmate, her husband Lucas (a coworker of Mrs. Heilman), mentioned that she was a big fan of the show. He then explained that her birthday was coming up and wondered if I would mind swinging in and saying hi because she would love it! I said OF COURSE!

We cruised on out to East Valley yesterday and brought her an "I Love You, Man" shirt and birthday wishes!

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