...I mean, maybe this person had a bad day. Maybe they had some stuff going on. Maybe they just got some bad news. Maybe they are just unhappy.

I am talking about you. A certain Yakima Court Employee.

I have said for months, Yakimans are the nicest people in any town I have lived. Salt of the Earth, hard working folks. Now we found the exception to that fact.

Lisa and I had some business at the Yakima Courthouse recently (not a negative situation). Without going into too much detail, (as I don’t want to put this YCE personally on blast), this ONE Yakima Court Employee (to be referred to here on out as “YCE”) was what is probably best described as, "having a bad day."

This person was curt, talked softly while wearing a mask, was clearly annoyed by our presence (I can understand this when dealing with me, but c’mon, Lisa was there and EVERYONE loves Lisa).

Our initial encounter with the masked YCE was met with their soft, mumbled, low energy laden voice which kinda sounded like mumbled questions. Upon hearing YCE speak, Lisa and I looked at each other genuinely trying to figure out what YCE was asking. I asked politely “I apologize, what was that?” YCE sighed, shifted their weight while clearly agitated at my request and spoke again – no louder than before.

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Lisa and I just looked at each other confused. I looked at YCE and politely said, “I am sorry, I think we are having a hard time hearing you, what is it you want us to do?” YCE then sighed again this time heavily and said “I need you to ____________!”

Oh, YCE DOES have a voice.

Since YCE is an “authority” figure, I apologized and said, “I am not trying to be difficult here, we just are having a hard time understanding you.” YCE just looked at me, set the documents down me and walked off.

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Well, I guess we are done here then.

Yep, we found the exception to the nice sweet folks of Yakima!


I want to be clear, ALL other Yakima Court employees were pleasant and a pleasure to deal with. I understand we all have bad days. But when you bring this poor attitude to work, you stick out like a 49er fan in a 12 Man Seat @ Lumen Stadium (formerly known as CenturyLink Field).

Am thankful it took me 9 months to find the exception to the “Yakimans Are Nice” rule. Back in Cali, it only takes about 10 minutes.

All My Best,

The JimShow

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