It happens every year – like clockwork. We get hit with Lexus and other car companies trying to convince us it's a great idea to surprise your spouse with a BRAND NEW CAR! In most commercials, with the jingle bell music in the backround, there they are - two new cars in the driveway! Big bows and all!

Who would do this? Who would go out and buy a vehicle without their partners input?!? DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! DANGER!! DANGER!!!

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First off, I am uber lucky – Lisa is super practical, so I don’t see Lisa throwing down $50,000 without some sort of conversation beforehand. I mean, we both a super practical. I would be FLOORED if I came home to a big bowed Mercedes in the driveway. We just don’t spend frivolously.

When you think about it, for most, it’s not the best time to buy a car or any other big ticket item right before Christmas. I mean, if you can swing it, more power to ya.

Also, how is a new car a gift, when theoretically, half of the money spent is your money anyway since it's "family money"?


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Lastly, a word on those big bows. I tried to buy one a couple years ago for a piece of furniture. Went to Hobby Lobby and paid $75 for one. I asked one of the employees if these big bows sold at all. She told me they fly off the shelves during the holidays! By the way, someone seems to be buying them, because there are several online stores where you can buy a big bow.

Any car dealers have customers who go big and buy a car for Christmas? Big bow and all? How about two new cars?

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