A high school in Michigan is going to hand out modesty ponchos to female students who wear revealing prom dresses this year.

The ponchos come in different colors and prints and will be given out at the front door.

The idea for the ponchos stems from the school wanting to focus students' attention on inner beauty and not draw attention to something that doesn't need more attention drawn to it.

I understand wanting the dresses to be appropriate, but that is a matter of opinion. As a parent who has sent two boys to prom with one more boy and a girl still to go, I think that it's the parents who need to step in. The parents need to say no to a dress if it's not appropriate!

I worry that singling out certain young women to put ponchos on is a form of body shaming. That it sends a bad message to those girls as well as those around them.

Do you think handing out ponchos at prom is a good idea?

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