I recently came across the results of a new survey... it revealed that 39% of people are uncomfortable with sending food back when dining out. That means 61% are totally cool with it!

The survey also found that 92% of people would send food back if their meal was wrong, and 75% of people would send food back if it was too hot or too cold.

I RARELY send food back. I even received the wrong order once and I didn't send it back... probably because I was starving and/or I didn't want to sit and watch the rest of my party eat their food and vice-versa when my correct order finally arrived.

I'm a non-confrontational kind of guy. Not sure if that's why I'm uncomfortable sending food back... maybe it's the rumors of what happens back in the kitchen when food is sent back? I don't know.

Are you comfortable sending food back? Do you know someone that sends food back all the time? Do they do it for good reason or just to attempt at a free meal?

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