Since my post last week of Behind the Smile: A Reality for Me, my inbox has been overwhelmed with messages from women who are grateful for the "courage" it takes to step up and speak out. So many people have been through domestic violence but are unable to voice their situations, and they are scared they might be judged.

I have taken the last week to really think about my next step with Behind the Smile and to see if I felt like I was being pulled in any one direction with it -- and I have. I truly feel that my life situation has put me in a spot to be used for a greater good, and with that being given a platform to voice the issue of mental illness brought on by domestic violence.

With that, I have decided I am going to make "Behind the Smile: A Reality for Me" a vlog series that talks about the real-life struggles for those who have suffered from DV (domestic violence). It will not be scheduled and I plan on the vlogs having impromptu timing so they follow a real emotional flow, the good days and the bad.

My inbox and email are always open to those who need a listening ear and need to be reassured that they are not alone.

Some days are good, some days are bad. But together we will have more good days than bad.

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