It is not news that recalls happen -- we see them in cars, toys and unfortunately, food. The ground beef recall that was announced in October for salmonella newport isn't the end of the worries. Yet another government announcement adds more meat to the recall ...

If you have bought ground beef from brand names like Kroger, Cedar River Farms Natural Beef and Gourmet Burger you should throw it out! You can find an updated list of products sold at the USDA website to be sure that what is in your freezer is safe!

In October it is estimated that over 6.9 million pounds of ground beef were recalled. With this recall adding 5.1 million pounds of beef, a total of 12 million pounds of ground beef is being recalled. So please do your family a favor and check what is in your freezer.


For more information and links you can find the full article here! 


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