A bride recently took to Reddit for some uncensored opinions, asking if she is an "A-hole" after she didn't ask a good friend to be a bridesmaid.

A bride recently didn't ask one of her good friends to be her bridesmaid because of her "massive breast," and apparently this friend has a hormone disorder that caused her breast to grow at an abnormal rate. For this reason, the bride didn't ask her to be a bridesmaid because she didn't want the focus to be on her friend's breast and not on her -- she also wouldn't be able to wear a strapless dress.

Well, the viewers of Reddit did not back her choice. In fact, they gave her a quick reality check by asking what she would do if it wasn't a breast but a prosthetic leg or a wheelchair.

She replied with a quick thanks for the reality check and said she is going to sit down and talk with her friend about the situation.

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