It's a discussion that has been going on for quite some time ... "Why aren't there more women in country music?" It seemed the discussion really amped up years ago when a country music programmer referred to country radio as a big ol' salad. He said in a Country Aircheck interview; "The lettuce is Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton, Keith Urban and artists like that. The tomatoes of our salad are the females.”

So WHY? Why is it that women in country music continue to struggle, but new male artists break through left and right?

That was a question we asked rising country star Britnee Kellogg during her recent visit to the 92.9 studio. Her initial response was "The industry is resisting and ... I honestly don't know why."

Britnee then offered an idea as to why she thinks it is the way it is: "I feel like the market ... it's hard being a woman in country music. Um, women, it's hard to gain respect of other women. Um, as a woman, they don't want to watch a pretty woman on stage singing."

She goes on to say "Men in country music ... if you go to a concert, and you're a dude, you love watching the guys talk about hunting, fishing, drinking beer ...  you're like '"Yeah, I can relate," and then the girls get on stage and the guys are like "Yeah man," but they're not going to buy their music. They like looking at you, but they're probably not going to buy your music. The women love looking at the men and they like buying their music because it's good music."


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