Does Life mimic movies, or do movies mimic life? Three brothers recently put that to the test. 

The brothers who live in Bolivia who are eight, 10, and 12 years old were hospitalized after they let a black widow spider bite them so they could turn into Spider-Man. 

The brothers were playing near a wood pile at their home when they saw a black widow spider in the wood pile. After seeing the Marvel Movie Spider Man, they had the idea to let the black widow bite them so they could receive "SUPER POWERS" just like the movie. Needless to say, their brillaint idea backfired.

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They ended up with cramps, nausea other symptoms related to the bite.

They ended up in the hospital treated for the bite release a day later and are doing great.

And no, they do NOT have Super powers.

At this point, we remind all of you, as of May 26th, 2020, you CANNOT receive super powers by letting a spider bite you. If that changes, we will let you know.


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