It is an event that we look forward to every year,. An event that takes an enormous amount of planning, not just on our end but on the part of the staff at Norwest Harvest. And Saturday night's (Oct. 12) Carve Out Hunger pumpkin-carving conetest was was one for the books!

Planning for our pumpkins started the week after Carve Out Hunger last year. And our original idea for the pumpkins this year was to do a Mickey Mouse theme. You know, where Mickey has pumpkins for ears -- the whole thing. But when I found out that I would be carving alone, I knew I needed to do something that represented me, something that my heart was connected to. So my Mickey Mouse theme turned into a Disney Princess theme. So away to Walmart I went and I found myself in the fabric section. As I was looking at the wall of fabric I saw The One ... the one piece of fabric that was literally calling my name, and I knew I had I use it! It was light blue with sequin clusters that just looked ... pretty, I also knew at that moment that I had to change the direction of my pumpkins, because this one piece of fabric only worked with one Disney princess: ELSA.

So on the fly, my new design was going to be Elsa and Olaf! Now, my head was filling with all sorts of ideas and designs. What should I do? As I tried to figure, it out I needed to keep in mind that I would have only 45 minutes to carve these pumpkins. So I decided to have Elsa shooting out her ice magic at Olaf to create his snow flurry!

Well, something must have worked because at the end of the day I ended up being crowned the 2019 Pumpkin Carving Champion!

Carve Out Hunger 2019

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