It's always good to know that the jackpot for the Cashmere Valley Bank Secret Sound has increased!

Monday morning at 8:10, Gunner and I have a jackpot of $425 that could be yours if you guess the sound right! Haven't heard the sound? You can listen to it online, and you can also check out all the incorrect guesses!

"But Cheyenne," you might say, "what if I have done those things and I still can't figure it out? Can I have a hint?" Well, of course, you can! Just head over to either Cashmere Valley Bank location in Yakima -- 5800 Summitview Ave. or 127 W.  Yakima Ave. -- and ask them to see the clue!

I know I would go get the clue, I could use the $425 ... in fact if I won that money Monday I would go have a spa day! I would get my nails done, have a message and get a facial! Boy, does that sound relaxing right about now!

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