In a world full of DIY and being different, trends come and go -- and now one bride is under fire for making a few choices that, frankly, I could totally get behind. Well, at least two of them!

A bride recently posted her bridal budget online and now she is being set on fire (figuratively) by the internet. Her choices?

She has opted to not have a DJ, alcohol or food for her guests. That might seem normal except for the small fact that she was totally OK with spending more than $1,000 on her dress and veil! Let's break this down, shall we?

The lack of DJ I totally get. I know a lot of people will opt to not have one and instead they will make a playlist online and have certain songs ready to go and family and friends will make the announcement. I TOTALLY get this. For some people it's an extra and unneeded cost.

Not feeding her guests? You know, I actually get the point of this. I have heard numerous people make side comments about how they are most looking forward to the meal and eating. Why is it so wrong to have guests eat before they come and then the bride and groom can supply an assortment of yummy snacks?

NO ALCOHOL? No, I cannot get behind this. Weddings are supposed to be a celebration and a party -- and like it or not, some people need a little bit of liquid courage to be able to have fun. This is definitely not something I am willing to do without.

Maybe these kinds of choices will be new wedding trends ... what do you think?

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