Growing up in a small town (Moxee), I am very accustomed to having a relationship with my neighbors, but when we moved into the West Valley area I was worried I would lose that camaraderie. Luckily for us, that was not the case.

We moved into a home out on Summitview on a small plot close to neighbors, and we really hit a home run -- one of our neighbors is a retired doctor from the area and his wife plays in the Yakima Symphony. Recently these two took a vacation overseas and while they were away I fed the wild birds that they love. So as a thank you, they brought me back these "Stroopwafel" from Amsterdam. They are a waffle cone-like cookie with caramel in the middle. They're meant to be paired with coffee or tea, and let me tell you these things are AMAZING!

What is the best gift you got from someone while they were traveling?

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