Shopping trips are supposed to be fun -- but what if your significant other is browsing for something that's not on your list?

Such as a pretty sales clerk.

That's the problem this week's Couples Court plaintiff has. Now she's wondering if she should just take her boyfriend to the "returns" counter.

Dear Morning Bull.Pen:

I went shopping with my boyfriend this past weekend. We walked into one store where a female salesperson asked how he was doing. He replied, "Better, now that you're helping me!"

She proceeded to follow him around the store for 25 minutes flirting and flipping her hair. He lapped up the attention like a dehydrated dog.

We argued on the way home. He says he did nothing wrong. I disagree and think he was disrespectful and may have been showing me he's ready to end our relationship.

Am I overreacting? Am I right? He said there is nothing wrong with acting SINGLE as long as you don't take it any further.

Caucasian Girl Sitting In A Trendy Boutique And Flirting With A Boy

Well, what do you say, Bull Pen jurors? Was the boyfriend's flirting just innocent fun, or is he doing some window shopping?

See you in court Thursday morning!


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