When kids go off to college they're seeking an education. But they also learn a lot about life along the way.
This week's Couples Court offers a lesson for the whole family ...

Dear Morning Bull  Pen:
My daughter is a freshman in college. She stunned my husband and I over the weekend when she told us that she is dating a 34-year-old man who is an assistant professor at her university.
My husband went ballistic! What would a 34-year-old want with an 18-year-old? He could only imagine the worst as she tried to explain to us what the connection is.
On the other hand, she's legally a woman now, and I think love can grow in unexpected ways.
My husband refuses to listen, though -- and so does she. She has no plans to break up with the professor.
She says her dad is overreacting and being old-fashioned about her dating an older man. I say we should let her live her own life and learn things the hard way.
Now she and her dad aren't speaking.
I think he should take the first step and apologize, but he's hurt and angry and not about to change his mind.
Who's right about our daughter's situation? Me or my husband?
What's the right answer, jurors? Tune in this morning for the verdict.


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