Choosing the right outfit can be tricky for any occasion -- especially for life events like weddings.

So when someone like the mother of the bride is set on wearing something that will distract from her daughter's big day (and likely embarrass her, to boot), shouldn't someone say something?

That's the question before Couples Court this week ...

Dear Morning Bull Pen:

My niece is getting married this weekend and my sister came over and gave us a look at her wedding outfit on Sunday. She is large and has no business wearing a miniskirt with fishnet stockings.

For obvious reasons, no one has told her that the outfit is inappropriate. What's the best way to approach her? Her boyfriend keeps telling her the outfit looks great and that the fishnet stockings are sexy. This is bolstering her confidence and self-esteem, but doing nothing to add class and elegance to the wedding. She and her big booty will be a huge distraction in this outfit.

How do I suggest she wear something else without crushing her confidence and being offensive, OR do I just come out and tell her she looks cheap and ridiculous?

This one could get even uglier than it sounds!

How should Judge Michele rule?

Tune in Thursday morning to hear the arguments.

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