It's surprising how quickly the tenderness of an occasion like Mother's Day can turn raw when someone touches a nerve.
Such was the case in at least one local household earlier this week, when some first-time parents hit a disagreement over the responsibilities of their new roles.

Dear Rik and Michele:
My wife and I got into a fight yesterday because I did not buy her a Mother's Day present. Our son turned 1 year old last week. When my wife asked why I didn't purchase a gift I said, "Because you are not my mother." I suppose when my son turns 4 or 5 I will buy a gift on his behalf and he can give it to her. Doing that this year would have been unbelievable because he just celebrated his first birthday. A 1-year-old can't buy a present on his own. My wife says I am thoughtless. Who's right -- me or her? Should husbands buy Mother's Day gifts for their wives?


Does our plaintiff have a point? Or does this new mom deserve to be treated like a queen even if she's not HIS mother?

Get your arguments ready, Bull Pen, because Judge Michele will be reaching for her gavel first thing in the morning.