Ahh, the holiday season. All those pretty lights and all those chilly nights.

And all those BILLS from the utility company for all the power it takes to run all those lights and keep your home cozy!

For some couples, it all adds up to a seasonal skirmish -- especially for couples who don't agree on how warm the house needs to be.

It's at the root of this week's Couples Court case ...

Dear Rik and Michele:

I dread this time of year at our house because my wife doesn't seem to understand that I'm not made of money.

I'm not talking about all the Christmas shopping (though Lord knows that's bad enough!) -- it's the fact that for some reason, she always cranks the heat up so high that our house feels like a sauna. I swear, I wake up soaked in sweat every morning!

The worst part, though, is when the bills from our beloved "friends" at the power company arrive each month. I nearly have a heart attack when I see their stupid logo on the envelope in our mailbox.

I've tried explaining how much this stresses me out and strains our household budget, but my wife couldn't care less. She always shrugs it off and says she doesn't want to spend her life freezing in her own house. "Don't worry -- it always works out," she tells me.

Right. It works out because I MAKE it work out!

Why can't she be more reasonable? Why can't she just wear a sweatshirt or something? And why can't she see how silly this is?


Now THAT'S what we call a heated argument!

But we understand. Lots of couples have this same problem and manage to work it out. The trick is to figure out some sort of compromise.

Let's see if our jurors have any suggestions. Then we'll see how Judge Michele Mathews rules.