What I love about the medical field is that it is always changing, and it is always getting better -- CPR is no different. The latest to come out in life-saving efforts is a female manikin --yes with breasts, for CPR. Why? Well, because according to a study done at the University of Pennsylvania, women are 27% less likely to receive CPR in public. Why is this? A lot of reasons, but what it really boils down to is people are afraid to touch the chest of women for fear of being told they inappropriately touched her and having saving her life backfire on them.

As a citizen, it's irritating that our world has come to a point where we are scared to save someone's life in a time of need. As a former EMT however, I think having a manikin with breasts would be a great benefit for those learning CPR. Let's be honest: Times have changed, and if the times are changing everything else has to change with it.

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