Here is to the people that see the potential in you as a student and a future leader. They take that rough rock and polish it to a fine brillant diamond..Here's to the teachers!

The annual Crystal Apple awards are the district's top prize for certificated employees, including teachers and principals. 

The awards were started in 1988 by the late John McAlister, a Tree Top executive who wanted to honor individuals in the Yakima School District who positively shape the lives and futures of students. The awards are in their 24th year.

The prize money is provided by the Yakima Schools Foundation and local businesses. The selection committee -- co-chaired by Dion and Pat McCarthy -- is made up of members of the local business community, public organizations and parent groups as well as former award recipients and district staff.

The Winners are.....

Eisenhower High School leadership teacher Annette Cook......

Washington Middle School band and choir teacher Scott Goranson

Janni Holsclaw, fifth-grade band teacher at Barge-Lincoln, Gilbert, Hoover, Martin Luther King Jr., McClure, Nob Hill, Ridgeview, Robertson and Roosevelt elementary schools.

Candidates are nominated by colleagues, students or parents. In addition to the three winners, the other seven nominees were:

* Lewis Benedicto, social studies teacher, Davis High School.

* Judi Harris, second-grade teacher, Whitney Elementary.

* Jean Love, first-grade teacher, Whitney Elementary.

* Mary Masten, director of secondary education.

* Patti Pendergast, sixth-grade language arts teacher, Washington Middle School.

* Bob Stanley, assistant principal and athletic director, Davis High School.

* Cheryl Tyrrell, fifth-grade teacher, Nob Hill Elementary.

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