Our car becomes like our second home, we spend thousands of hours in it a month whether we're commuting to work, visiting friends and family, or even just going to cruise around the block. Some things are obviously illegal such as Drinking and Driving,

However, there are quite a few laws we were surprised by, especially in Washington state. So let us educate you a little bit on the 5 Things you Legally Can not Do in Your Car.

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5.) Warming up your car

Can you believe this, people actually expect us to not sit in our car and let it warm up so we don't ruin the vehicle or have to drive in the freezing cold. Not quite, it's totally legal in Washington state to warm up your vehicle before driving, however, it is illegal to start the car and leave it unattended. It could result in a pretty hefty fine and can cause some pretty dangerous situations if somebody steals it.

4.) Driving Barefoot

Believe it or not, you can not legally drive in your car while barefoot. Doing so can cause your foot to slip, or cause an injury to yourself that won't allow you to react accordingly while on the road. If you're pulled over with no shoes on it's a big ticket, flip flops are also frowned upon and could result in a ticket as well.

3.) Driving Slow

Some people will drive slowly just to feel safer when in reality they've become a danger on the road to themselves and everyone around them. Some people will even drive slowly to spite the person behind them. This is also extremely illegal as you'll more than likely cause an accident or an incident of road rage. If you don't feel safe traveling at high speeds it may be time to stay off the freeway and download Uber.

2.) Driving with Headphones

Some people assume as long as they have one ear free they should be okay, but this is still illegal, and any headphones used for listening to music will result in a big ticket. The only accepting are hand-free devices for calls, anything wired or that covers your ears entirely will not be allowed on the roads.

1.) Making Whoopie

Anybody reading this and doesn't understand what this means has nothing to worry about. However, if you're reading this and getting a good chuckle we're looking at you. That's right being busted in your vehicle making whoopie could result in a hefty fine if not being taken down to a police station. You're better off just finding a hotel or going home because no one wants to stumble upon that.

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