Technology and social media have made a lot of things more difficult, especially dating -- because now, we can Photoshop, filter and blatantly lie about who we are. I personally am happy I do not have to deal with the fad of things like Tinder, but if you are still in the dating game here are some things to avoid.

  1. DO NOT under any circumstance (unless it's about your kids) be on your phone during a date. How do you think you are going to get to know someone if your nose is buried in your phone? Answer: You won't. Give your date your undivided attention and listen to respond.
  2. DO look like your profile picture. I mean, if you are going to date online the least you can do is portray who you really are.
  3. DO have good table manners. How hard is it to chew quietly with your mouth closed?
  4. And for the love all things that are good, can you please show up on time? Don't be late. Being late is an automatic deduction of any points earned all night.

Follow these steps and I definitely feel like your odds of a second date will improve dramatically.

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