There has been much debate on this topic. I, am here to put it to rest once and for all. Die Hard IS a Christmas movie.

Look, I know that the star Bruce Willis came out a few years ago and claimed otherwise. But he did so at a Comedy Central Roast after several drinks in the structure of a joke. So what are we to believe? An overpriced, over-paid movie star who was drinking?


You can also can ignore this yougov study, because, well, the government can’t even see straight. It’s good to see our tax dollars are still being well spent.

Firstly, ‘Die Hard’ takes place takes place during a holiday office party. A lot of crazy things happen at holiday Christmas parties in the movies. Hans Gruber crashing your party to steal your negotiable bearer bonds (an 80-90’s movie staple) is least suspect timing to steal stuff. Offices don’t hold parties like this any other time of the year. Perfect timing for a robbery.

Secondly, the ‘Die Hard’ soundtrack is loaded with Christmas songs. ‘Winter Wonderland’, ‘Let it Snow!’, ‘Christmas in Hollis’ and ‘Ode to Joy’ are all on the soundtrack and make appearances in one form or another in the film. When was the last time a Christmas movie didn’t have Christmas songs in the soundtrack?!? And how about those sleigh bells used for effect throughout the film?

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Another point, there is Christmas imagery though out the film including a vital climatic scene which includes bows, Christmas wrapping paper and tape.

Thirdly, It snows at the end of ‘Die Hard’ which is storied around Los Angeles. I checked – the time it snowed there was in January 1962. Even then, very little of it was sticking to the ground. There’s no better way to end a Christmas movie than with a little bit of snowfall.

A minor point here, John McLane’s wife has a Christmas-y name. “Holly” - which is a Christmas staple.


Lastly, the screenwriter who wrote ‘Die Hard’ it says it’s a Christmas movie. The script for 'Die Hard' was written by Steven E. de Souza. Every time he’s been asked he always confirms it is in fact a Christmas film. He also says 'Die Hard' was just as much of a holiday film as ‘White Christmas’, which is the King of Christmas movies.

So there it is ladies and gentlemen of the Christmas jury, proof that ‘Die Hard’ is a Christmas movie. No go and enjoy knowing the truth has set your free!

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All My Best,

The JimShow

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