North, south, east or west -- no state in the good ol' sky-high-cholesterol, sodium-consumin', grease-lovin' U.S. of A loves bacon more than this one.

The good people at Ginny's have done their patriotic duty by analyzing thousands photos of bacon on Instagram to determine which state loves bacon the most.

The result? Well, Nebraska may be known for corn, but it’s a different food the state really loves. Yes, Nebraska -- land of corn stalks as high as residents' caloric intake -- posted the most about bacon, meaning this Midwestern state loves bacon the most. West Virginia took second.

Hawaii, meanwhile, has no such affinity for bacon. The state likes bacon the least, which is somewhat surprising since pigs are often on the menu with all those luaus. Who knows, maybe Hawaiians are just too busy chowing down on pineapples.

If you'd like to see where your state ranks, just check out the interactive map here.

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