Denny's sooooooo get dads. This, is proof.

Bacon is the food of the Gods. Dad's LOVE bacon. They go together like chocolate and peanut butter. There is nothing better than bacon - except more bacon. So we're not sure if there's a better way to say, "Happy Father's Day!" than this.

Denny's just announced they're making BACON BOUQUETS for Father's Day this year Yes, that's a whole bunch of bacon, wrapped up in paper like a bouquet of flowers. Now that's man-mantic (the male version of 'romantic"). This includes Yakima Denny's locations.


So, come this weekend, when you order your Moons Over My Hammy, get it with a side Bacon Bouquet. It will not only complete his Dad's Day, it will prove that you love him - cause, well, BACON!

Bacon holds a special place in dad's hearts (and arteries). It's meat, it's awesome and everything tastes better with bacon. EVERYTHING (it makes Kale tolerable, so that's a good thing).

Your dad will love this, especially if he is still doing Adkins, this will fit his needs. If Dad carries around his bacon bouquet all day and gnaws on it, give Dad some bonus points.


If you want to get dad a bacon bouquet, you need to order $25 worth of food from Denny's on Postmates tomorrow, Saturday, or Sunday. Totally worth it. 

And if you put in the promo code "BACONBOUQUET," they'll throw one of the bouquets in for free.

There are two Denny's locations in Yakima to order from. On Fruitvale Blvd and on Rudkin in Union Gap.


Happy Fathers Day! ENJOY THAT BACON!

All My Best,

The JimShow

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