If you haven't already signed up for Disney's steaming service, Disney Plus, you are going to want to do it if you love all things Disney, Marvel, and National Geographic!

Disney Plus lit up Twitter for 3 hours Monday night posting a photo and title to EVERY SINGLE SHOW that will be available for streaming come Nov. 12. After all if their tweets, they followed up with a three-hour commercial with all of their titles.

You can find titles from all of Disney, including "Lady and the Tramp," "Frozen," "Moana" and "Finding Dory."

Titles from Marvel include "Captain America," "Ant-Man," "Spider-Man" and "Avengers!"

You can get as many documentaries from National Geographic as you can binge-watch and then you can follow that up by watching all of the "Star Wars" movies!

You have 26 days left to sign up for Disney Plus to be a part of their "Founders Circle." You can join for a monthly streaming fee of $6.99 -- or pay a yearly fee of $68.99, which will save you about $20.

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