Going to work sick is something that employers stress not to do for a lot of reasons. And one of the big reasons is because they don't want it to spread. But a new survey suggests that doesn't stop employees from clocking in anyway.

According to a new poll, a little under 90% of employees go to work with cold or flu symptoms, and a third of that percentage said they go to work no matter how sick they are. WHY? You are just infecting the entire office and then by extension, possibly their families and kids!

Well, most people say they still go to work because there is just to much work to do and they have a lot of pressure from their bosses to be at work. Others said they just don't want to burn a sick day. Still others say their co-workers come to work sick, so why can't they?

Thank you, though, to the 11% of people who said they NEVER go to work if they are showing symptoms of the cold of flu! Keep your germies to yourself!

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