I will be the first to always admit that I can be a little on the odd side. I have some weird quirks and can tend to be overzealous with some things. One thing I am not, however, is a germaphobe. EXCEPT for this one area in restaurants and concession stands and anywhere that has self-serve straws and lids.

I am sad to admit that I am 110% that person when I'm at the movies or the concession stand or restaurant with self-serve soda. I throw away the top lid and take the one or two below that. It truly grosses me out that someone's probably unwashed fingers could have touched the lid that will be going on my cup. I also will admit that even with the automatic straw dispensers, I will tap the first straw out, toss it, and then take the second one. Like, really Cheyenne, no one can even touch those straws -- they're in a plastic box, for Pete's sake. Well, clearly I don't care, because I do it every time!

Do you have any weird germ phobias?

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