We all know the situation. "Hey Babe?" Nothing. Again, "Hey Honey?" Nothing. "HEY BABE?!" And still nothing. Finally after struggling to get your significant other's attention, they come back to reality from whatever universe they were lost in and respond to you with ... "What? Why are you yelling, I'm right here?" Are they flat-out ignoring you, or is selective hearing a real thing?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is such a thing as selective hearing, and it's where someone only hears one specific noise and blocks out everything else. But, I know that is not what you think of when I say selective hearing. I know I personally think my fiance Jordan has an incredible ability to block out literally everything I say and only listen to the TV or the video he is watching.

A new survey finds that men miss what their spouses are saying 388 times a year. That's 388 times we as women have had to repeat ourselves and stop ourselves from getting mad because you didn't hear us.

Don't worry, guys, you are not alone. In the same survey, women missed what men were saying 339 times throughout the year. So as much as we want to give men a hard time for not listening to us, we women do it almost as much as they do!

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