There is something to be said these days about kids who are willing to shut off the games and the TV to come to help out in the kitchen, but what about the kids who don't need to be asked to help-- they ask you if they can?

Bragging mom moment here, because my oldest Justin this Thanksgiving actually asked me if he could help cook in the kitchen! Now, this is not something he usually does-- he will ask occasionally if we can make cookies and sometimes he will want to make eggs but this time, oh this time he wanted to take the reins!

So, I showed him how to properly hold a knife and how to cut up potatoes, and he crushed it! He cut up an entire 5 LBS bag of potatoes, put them in the pot fill it with water placed it on the stove and away they went to boil town. While those were cooking we moved on to the green bean casserole and y'all he did the whole thing from start to finish all by himself (of course I told him what to do) but he did all the steps with his own two hands! I am so proud of him when it came time to mash the potatoes he was my taster-- he told me when we needed more butter and when more garlic was needed and boy did they turn out amazing!

I am telling you guys, I really think if my kiddo can keep his hands in the kitchen we may have a future Gordan Ramsy on our hands!

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