Last night I had the amazing opportunity to chat with Tracy Byrd backstage before his performance at the Central Washington State Fair, and let me tell you, it was such a treat for not just myself, but my little man Easton as well! I will be honest with you, I BARELY recognized Tracy because when he walked up to me he was not in the normal attire we fans are used to seeing him in. He was dressed in golf shorts and a shirt because he had just got done playing 18 holes at Apple Tree, and according to him "played well, but didn't get much out of it." Tracy also went on to say that he loves the Yakima Valley and he enjoys being here. And he couldn't have asked for better weather!

We got a chance to talk about his hit song, "The Watermelon Crawl," and what it meant to him while writing it. And I found out that the Watermelon Crawl Festival actually stemmed from that song! There is also a line dance that is called The Watermelon Crawl, but he was quick to tell me not to ask him to do it because he can't!

After Shenandoah's soundcheck, I was able to chat with Marty Raybon for a couple of minutes about their newly released album and one of singles (that I personally love) called "Where I Grew Up"). I think this song hits home with a lot of people because its not about where you physically grew up, but about the life situations that force us to grow up. It's amazing and it made me cry!

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