Growing up every party was founded on Rock Band and Mountain Dew, funny how some things change and more stay the same. Game & Grog Bar is giving you a fun getaway every Friday and Saturday, bring your friends or make new ones from a band of 4 people.

If karaoke is your kinda thing just wait till you get your hands on this game. You don't have to have a musical bone in your entire body, just some good ol' hand-eye coordination. Play the guitar, bass, drums, or hop on the mic to get the crowd roaring and live out your dreams of being a rock star.

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Each band gets 4 songs that equal out to a twenty-five-minute set, you can play your favorite songs, grub down on some food, and make unforgettable memories. Their song list is over 2,800 choices to pick from and more songs are always being added. If you wanna kill time before your set they have one of the largest amount of playable games in one location for all of Yakima.

Game & Grog Bar is the original Bar Arcade in Yakima and continuously growing even after with covid, they follow guidelines and are always happy to help guests feel comfortable. Delicious brews and tasty food you can't go wrong with this place, I know I'll be there every Friday to kick off the weekend. This Nerdy haven is just the place I was hoping to find when I moved to the Yakima Valley and I couldn't be more excited to check out all of their other themed nights.

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