After moving to Eastern Washington it became apparent to me that they don't hate western Washington by any means, they just hate Seattle. My curiosity began to grow, as I witnessed people being truly disgusted by the big city on the west coast, so I started to ask people why they hate Seattle.

Honestly, the answers surprised me and forced me to look at the city in a different light, now I'll share those same answers with you and see what you think. Do you hate Seattle, or do you just hate the idea of it? Let's find out together.

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5.) Drugs

Even the people in Eastern Washington know the horror stories of drug use in the Seattle area, it's become a true epidemic as people find empty needles in parks and on sidewalks. They claim they feel the city cares more about protecting those that use drugs than the people who don't.

4.) Danger

People who have visited Seattle have shared bad experiences, from being mugged to just being disrespected and the underlying feeling of fear from other locals. They claim they don't feel welcomed especially when they lose their way or aren't moving fast enough. They feel as tho they could be in danger at any turn in Seattle.

3.) Traffic

Traffic gets on everyone's nerves, but why is it such a big deal to those who live in Eastern Washington? Well to put it simply we don't deal with traffic the same way big cities do, we may have some backup but it takes at most twenty minutes to get through. In Seattle, you could be going as far as a couple of blocks and sit in traffic for over an hour depending on the day you go. This becomes beyond frustrating to those who don't deal with it on a day-to-day basis. However, let's be honest, sitting in traffic for an hour would drive anyone to hate the city.

2.) Overhyped

Those who have been to Seattle and live on the east side claim that Seattle gets way overhyped by the people that live in western Washington. Sure it's the birthplace of some famous music, Starbucks and Amazon, but there's almost nothing you can't find in Seattle that you won't find in Eastern Washington cities. However, it's unfair how so many artists will play at multiple venues in western Washington but avoid eastern Washington due to rumors and tall tales that have been told about the horrors of Eastern Washington.

1.) Homeless Encampments

People in Eastern Washington see Seattle as a place where people are rewarded for giving up. These are the words of locals and not mine, they claim they care more about the people in homeless encampments than they do about their actual paying citizens. The scariest part for people is that anything can happen in these encampments and police are powerless to do anything about it due to laws protecting them. People claim this is a way for drugs to go under the radar and be moved from encampment to encampment.


Do you agree with the other people that claim these are the reasons they can't stand the city of Seattle, or do you have your own reasonings, let us know by sending a message.

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