If you grew up a Mariners fan or not you'll have to admit they have some amazing grub at the ballpark! I know I've spent a few drunken nights there and gorged myself on everything they had, trust me when I say I know the food you gotta try!

T-Mobile Park (Originally Safeco...before the kingdome.) has always had some tasty treats. We're gonna be talking about burgers, hotdogs, donuts, fries, and a whole lot more so get ready to take those tastebuds on an adventure! You're not gonna wanna miss this!

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Garlic Fries

Anyone that tells you the garlic fries is "overhyped" they're dirty, dirty liars, but I digress. The garlic fries are savory, salty, and a hell of a snack that pairs perfectly with your choice of beer...or wine if you're about that.


This one is a must-try if you've never done it, T-mobile park has its own "doughnut station" where they make the fresh batter and fry the doughnuts right in front of you! To top it off you get to choose the flavors that go on top. From strawberries, chocolate sauce whipped cream, and sprinkles it felt like the choices were endless!


This one is simple but always a fan favorite, chocolate-covered fruits on a shishkabob! They do everything you can think of, strawberries, bananas, pineapple, oranges and they dip them right in chocolate and much like the doughnut place, let you pick the toppings!

Mariners Dog

Because who doesn't love a good hotdog at a ball game? The Mariners dog is a step up from the regular hot dog. Being over double in size it's well worth the price. Get your filling of toppings and all the condiments you want this dog can hold it all! It never leaves you feeling hungry...unless you're like me...in which case check out the next item on the list!


If you haven't been to Edgars Cantina then you need to get there! They have plenty of choices from craft beers to nachos and of course, tacos. With a plethora of choices, of course, pork, chicken, beef, veggie, carne asada, you can't pass up these foods or I promise you'll regret not trying it! Mouthwatering and savory thru the whole game! Did I mention it pairs amazingly well with beer? Cuz it does!!!


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