I first heard of Mochi Donuts it was at a place, of all things, called Mochinut near Seattle. I was intrigued by the interesting shape and variety of flavors they had.

They looked like if you took doughnut holes and strung them up into a necklace.

John Riggs
John Riggs

They were fun to see, they taste great, and I just figured it was a product that would never come to Yakima.

Today I was proven wrong when I saw mochi donuts available in Yakima.

Who sells mochi donuts in Yakima?

and tea valley mall
John Riggs

I found these at a place in Valley Mall called And Tea.
They also have a location in downtown Yakima on Yakima Ave.

What makes these unique is that they don't have the texture of your typical doughnut.

They're made with a tapioca and rice flour so they're a bit of a spongy texture which is really fun.

Not like sponge cake, but a little chewier with a bit of an elastic texture.

What makes them extra fun is the creativity and flavors you can do with them.

I happen to be at Valley Mall when I was walking by the And Tea shop and spotted them out of the corner of my eye.

They only had two flavors, passion fruit and matcha, so I grabbed one of each.
That's when the guy behind the counter said they were buy two, get one free so grabbed an extra. Bonus!

mochi nut
John Riggs

I think they're great and would say if you love doughnuts and want to try something new, check out And Tea in downtown Yakima or Valley Mall and check them out for yourself.

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