There's a Homer Simpson in all of us especially when it comes to delectable Donuts, lucky for Yakimaniaks there's plenty of delicious donut places around our town but I think I may have found a top contender in town.

I've been in and out of donut shops my entire life and I know a thing or two about food, if you don't believe me just look me up on Facebook or check out my avatar on here. That being said this place I'm about to tell you about has delicious and filling donuts and even offers that warm tasty donut shop coffee for on the go.

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Doolies Kitchen

Doolies isn't far off of West Nob Hill and Pleasent Avenue, they're open from 6 am to 1 pm and specialize in donuts, sandwiches, bagels, and coffee. Everything is made fresh in-house and tastier than you can imagine.

The first time I went to Doolie's Kitchen I had no idea what I wanted or what I was feeling that day, lucky for us the staff is extremely welcoming and friendly. They let me sample a few things before picking anything out and even offered a free donut hole just because I was new. Their choices aren't too crazy but they still take a chance and make new donuts to let the customers try something new. You can get a look at the choices you have below


Of course, I packed in a good amount of those donuts because they're even more delicious the next day. I picked up some of the chocolate sprinkles, blueberry donuts, Tiger Tail, Maple Bars, and I had to check out the "Bad Boy" which had a cookie crumble topping and a caramel/maple drizzle to bring it all together.

Overall Doolie's Kitchen is a must-try for anyone in Yakima and probably going to be an everyday trip in the long as my girlfriend doesn't find out.

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