I don't know about you but most days I don't feel like working out even though it's so good for me. It is really easy to come up with any excuse to not hit the gym. Here are some of the typical excuses and some good ways to get past them.


1.)  I don't have time.  If you have a DVR then you have time to exercise.  Use your DVR to skip all the commercials, and a 60-minute show becomes 40 minutes.  Then you've opened up 20 minutes for exercise! BAM! You can also work out WHILE you're watching TV. Try jumping rope or lifting weights while watching your favorite show.


2.)  I'm too tired.  Here's the thing,  working out gives you MORE energy...A lot more energy.  Do it first thing after you wake up, and you'll feel better throughout the day! Trust me!

3.)  I have kids.  I don't have children, but nices and nephews work too. Kids LOVE to exercise,  so just take them with you on a bike ride or a trip to the park.  If they play sports, you can even walk around the field while you watch the game.  Anything's better than nothing.


4.)  Exercise is boring.  Yeah, it can be boring, but you don't have to run on a treadmill.  Do something interesting, like taking dance classes or even starting a garden to burn those calories.  Another good idea is to exercise with other people, you keep each other going.


5.)  I'll just end up quitting anyway.  With that attitude you probably will, but you have to amke the choice to make your health a priority. Start small with goals you know you can reach.  Exercise with a buddy who can keep you accountable and keep a log so you can see your progress. BOOM! Let's do this! Here's to your health in 2016, and remember exercise makes you healthy and being healthy helps you LIVE LONGER.  Plus, you look better.  If you can think of it in those terms then no excuse will stand up this time of year, or whenever.

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